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Giving back.

You aren’t just buying a bracelet, you are giving a child a chance at life.

Seren Co. was started by heart mom Sherri. This is her story: 

"Our youngest son was born in 2015 with a hole in the bottom chamber of his heart, which can lead to stunted growth and could also possibly cause valve damage, thus damaging the heart. In March 2017 we found out that he would need open heart surgery to repair the hole in his heart as they believed that it could be causing valve damage.


As a parent hearing those works is numbing, devastating.

To keep my mind away from the worst-case scenario, I channeled my energy into creating beautiful jewelry.

The bracelets you see here today gave me a way to be the best mother I could for my son.

When my stress level reached peak, so did the quantity of the bracelets I made.

To clear the space, both mentally and physically, I chose to share my bracelets and stories of brave little kids by selling my jewelry and donating 100% profit to charitable organizations."

Now, Sherri's contributions live on through the Mending Little Hearts Fund of Saskatchewan. Various local volunteers from our organization work hard to continue to provide high quality jewelry products as Sherri did - donating 100% of proceeds. 


To date, Seren Co. has donated over $23,000 which has been used to purchase medical equipment to help kids heal and support their immediate post-surgery needs.

By purchasing a bracelet, you are helping a child get a chance at life and give brave mothers hope that everything is going to be serene.

Thank you for your support.

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Sherri and her family, including heart hero Weston.


Mending Little Hearts

Fund of Saskatchewan 

Learn how Mending Little Hearts is supporting Saskatchewan heart families.

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